Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sephora Brand Instant Polish Remover

As I said about my computer before, it overheats after like 15 min online. So I havent been able to post. BUT I figured I'd at least get one post a day on here. It may be something short and not important lol but at least its something! :)

So for todays I bring you a new staple of mine. I bring you Sephora Brand Instant Polish Remover. This stuff really is magic! Just stick you finger in the pre-moistened pleated foam for a few seconds, depending on what kind of polish, it sometimes takes a little longer. No need for cotton balls. With some of the more stubborn polishes you have to rub your fingers in there a little bit, but nothing rough. This even takes off glitter polish. Which we all know is a pain in the butt to remove. It has a pleasant smell and doesnt give your fingers that bitter taste like other removers. I get bored with polishes pretty quick so this allows me to change it more often. LOVE this product! You can get it at your local Sephora or Sephora online for $9.50

Live, Love, and Rock and Roll!

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