Friday, August 17, 2012

MAC cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection

MAC For Marilyn

Alright you Marilyn Monroe fans, MAC has made a Marilyn Monroe collection due in October! I love the photoshoot, but wish the packaging looked more sleek and less like they stuck a sticker on the packaging. It's a lot like the Veminous Villains collection packaging from a few years ago. Since It's special packaging the prices are a $1 more than usual.

I'm not too sure what I'm getting from this. Swatches always determine that for me. I think I'll want Love Goddess Lipstick, maybe a couple of the shadows (I love the VP formula!) and the Beauty Powder.  I have been very very choosey on what I get these days as funds are very tight. So I havent been getting much.


Color Story:

Eyeshadow (Limited Edition)
How to Marry (Veluxe Pearl): Soft White
Preferred Blonde (Veluxe Pearl): Pale champagne beige
Silver Screen (Veluxe Pearl): True Silver
Showgirl (Veluxe Pearl): Dark blue gray

Eye Kohl (Permanent)
Smolder: Intense black
Fascinating: Intense matte white

Lipstick (Limited Edition)
Deeply Adored (Matte): Deep scarlet
Charmed I’m Sure (Matte): Dark true red
Pure Zen (Cremesheen): Hot Nude
Love Goddess (Satin): Mid-tone red pink
Scarlet Ibis (Matte): Bright orange-red (Repromote)

Dazzleglass (Limited Edition)
Phiff!: Sheer yellow peach (Repromote)
Little Rock: Soft sheer white with pearlized pigments

Lip Pencil (Permanent)
Beet: Vivid reddish-pink
Redd: Clearly red
Cherry: Vivid bright bluish-red

Beauty Powder (Limited Edition)
Forever Marilyn: Sheer pale peach highlighter

Powder Blush (Limited Edition)
Legendary (Satin): Pale soft coral
The Perfect Cheek (Matte): Neutral pink beige (Repromote)

Nail Lacquer (Limited Edition)
Vintage Vamp (Cream): Rich deep retro wine (Permanent)
Stage Red (Cream): Dark red berry
Flaming Rose (Cream): True Red
Orange Kid (Cream): Coral (Repromote)
Rich, Rich, Rich (Pearl): Glittery Gold

Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black (Permanent)
Penultimate Brow Marker Universal (Permanent)
Clear Brow Finisher (Permanent)
False Lashes Extreme Black (Permanent)
Lash (Limited Edition)
# 35 Lashes Dramatic Lash with emphasis on the center of the lash
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Live, Love, & Rock n Roll

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