Sunday, April 22, 2012

MAC's Hey Sailor Collection
May 24th

Yay for Limited Edition packaging! I absolutely love this packaging! MAC has done nautical collections before. But I wasnt into MAC much when those were out so I am very excited for this. The colors are bright and fun. Start those sunny days and fun-filled nights in style!

My Wishlist:
Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set (I'm going to use them as clutches!)
Red Racer Lipstick (Satin): Bright yellow red 
Cut Loose Lipglass: White with gold pearl
Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow (Frost): Bright green
Barefoot Eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl): Tarnished Gold
Emerald Sea Eyeliners: Kelly green
Hand Forged Eyeliners: Gold metallic yellow
Fleet Fast Blush (Satin): Pinky, gold coral
Gold Knot Nail Lacquer (Frost): Brass gold

Salute! (Amplified): Neutral peach
To Catch a Sailor (Frost): Highly frosted tan
Red Racer (Satin): Bright yellow red
Sail La Vie (Satin): Bright mid-tone orange

Riviera Life: Bright tangerine
Orange Tempera: Pale peach
Cut Loose: White with gold pearl
 Blessedly Rich: Pale coral
Send Me Sailing: Bright yellow red 

Feeling Fresh (Frost): Bright green
Nautical (Satin): Navy Blue
Crystal Avalanche (Veluxe Pearl): White with Reflects (Permanent)
Barefoot (Veluxe Pearl): Tarnished Gold
Jaunty (Frost): Light yellow brown
Powerpoint Eyeliners:
Emerald Sea: Kelly green
Blue Stripe: Dark navy
Hand Forged: Gold metallic yellow (Repromote)

Pro-Longwear Lipencils:
Throw Me A Line!: Bright true red
Saunter: Pale beige nude
Shore Leave: Light vibrant coral

Nail Lacquers:
Gold Knot (Frost): Brass gold
Vestal White (Cream): Creamy white (Repromote)
Touch of Red (Cream): Bright yellow red

Launch Away! (Satin): True peach
Fleet Fast (Satin): Pinky, gold coral

Highlight Powder:
Crew: Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer

Old Gold (Frost): High frosted tarnished gold (Permanent)
Naval Blue (Frost): Deep smoky blue (Permanent PRO, Repromote)

Suntint SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm:
Abalone: See through hot pink with no pearl
Sea Mist: Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl
Rose Au: Poppy pink with gold pearl

To the Beach Body Oil:
Seaside: Dirty blushy pink with multidimensional sparkles
Man Rays: Glowing tan with gold shimmer multidimensional

167SH: Face Blender


Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set: Cant wait for this!!!


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