Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corey Taylor "Snuff"

I saw Corey Taylor (singer of Stonesour and Slipknot) earlier this month. It was such an awesome show! He told some fun and funny stories about the music biz and other things. Read some experts from his new book. And did some acoustic songs, I'll be posting the videos here for you! I recorded this on my digital camera so its not amazing quality, but think its pretty damn good for a regular digital camera imo.  Enjoy!

This is him singing Slipknots "Snuff." I'm sure your thinking an acoustic Slipknot song? lol Well this song is definately different than thier usual hard rock sound. It's an amazing song. And Corey's soaring vocals are haunting and emotional. Sorry about my singing and moving around. It's my fav Slipknot song so I got excited. Plus I had a few drinks in me LOL. Tell me what ya think in comments.

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