Thursday, June 21, 2012


Here I am again apoligizing for not posting in a while. Sorry about that! I guess me turning 30 this year has got me thrown for a loop. But I've come out of my never ending journey in this crazy thing called life to get back to the simple things that make me happy. Part of that is makeup and fashion! I'm sure you've noticed that I wear mostly MAC. So I'll be shelling out info on up and coming collections for 2012!

Hey Sailor and Beth Ditto came out this month. I was a good girl and only got one lippy from Beth Ditto. Funds are tight so I have to be incredibly choosey.

Here's Dear Diary. It's an awesome bright pink longwear lipcreme. Here's a swatch...

Dear Diary is on the top and Candy Yum Yum is on the bottom. Some have said they are simular so I put a comparison swatch. DD is darker and has a tinge of fucshia in it compared to CYY.

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