Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite albums of 2011...

 2011 is almost over can you believe it?! Strangely I havent bought that many albums this year. But here are my 3 favs...

Evanescence "Self-titled"

It's really hard to top The Open Door. But this is an amazing album! It's a good step forward for the groups newer sound. It is harder than anything they have ever done, which isnt a bad thing! Def more of an edge, but it still sounds like Evanescence. Amy's vocals are strong and powerful on this album. And the slow songs are hauting and gorgeous! You def HAVE to get the deluxe version as it has some extra songs. Which in my opinion are just as good as the rest of the album. It's hard for me to pick my fav songs/songs to check out, cause the whole album is awesome. But I'd have to say...End of the Dream, Lost in Paradise, My heart is Broken, Made of Stone, New way to Bleed, Serect Door, The Change, Sick, Swimming Home

Adele "21

If you haven't heard this album yet you are missing out. Immediately go out and buy it! I promise you won't be sorry. She has one of most raw, beautiful, pure, soulful, amaizng voices you will ever hear on this album. Every single song is amazing! As the album plays, her voice puts you in a trance. No need to skip songs, the album flows together very well. There is absolutely no negative things to say about this album. I'm mostly a rocker chick and my fav bands are my world, but this album has to be one of the best albums of this decade! As for my fav songs/songs to check out there are no favorite or best songs. But if you had to twist my arm I would say Turning Tables, Set fire to the Rain, and Someone like You, are my top favs. But you MUST check out the whole album! (Check out her live versions. AMAZING!)

Lady Gaga "Born This Way" (I hate the album cover so I put a better pic of her lol)-

The Fame Monster album is still my favorite. But this album has some great songs on it! I'm not going to lie though, it took me a while to like this album. But the more and more I listened I got hooked! Gaga is one of most unique talented people to come around in a long time. I love her crazy zaney nature and am amazed on how much she loves her fans. She really has a beautiful amazing powerful voice. To me it's very theatrical. Some people dont give her a chance so they miss how talented she is! My fav songs/songs to check out- You and I, ScheiBe, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, Judas, Bad Kids, Marry the Night, and of course Born this Way 


What were your favorite albums of 2011?

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